2019 The choice of baby clothes Top3

Mothers tend to pay more attention to the quality of their children's clothes, to ensure pure cotton and comfortable materials, and to pay attention to the cost performance. Here are some clothing brands that tell you how to choose comfortable and beautiful children's clothing.

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CARTER'S is the first children's wear brand in the United States and the largest baby and children's apparel brand. There are more than 10 CARTER'S products in every newborn in the US. The clothes are of good quality.
A.bodysuits for your baby----All bodysuits From $7
Crafted in 100% certified organic cotton, these quick change bodysuits are soft on baby's skin and are the perfect starters to any little outfit.

B.rumper ---All rumper from $5.6
The jumpsuit is the clothes that every mother must buy. No matter how the baby moves, the stomach will not be exposed. It will not enter the wind and will not catch cold. It is very practical.

2.Baby GAP
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Their family's clothing design is full of childlike fun, thick casual style, and very fashionable, newborn clothing quality is very good.
A.baby dress and pants--All seasonal picks from $14.95
Floral and stripes create an idyllic style, perfect for outings, solid pants and vests are the first choice for everyday travel.

B.BODYSUITS & TOPS--All bodysuits&tops from $14.95
The package hip pants very good protection baby's belly, prevents the baby belly to catch cold, also facilitates the novice mother to change the diaper at the same time.

3.Old Navy
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Recommend his family's pajamas, top and bottom, very suitable for baby to sleep.
A.sleepwear---All sleepwear from $14.00
The printing design has children's favorite animals, fruits, fish, etc. The 2-piece set is very easy to take off.

B.swimwear--All swimwear from $10
In summer, mothers can take their children to feel different temperatures in the water, so that children can experience the fun of swimming.

The skin of dot is more sensitive, because this is close-fitting, wear had better choose permeability, hygroscopicity to compare good pure cotton fabrics. Such fabrics will not be hard after washing, and thick cotton clothes will become stiff and hard after several times of washing, which will make children uncomfortable to wear. The above clothes are made of comfortable fabrics, which are the first choice for novice mothers.

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